Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness Practice

  Mindfulness is an eastern practice and philosophy that yogi-practitioner practice spirituality in a quite & remote places-especially Himalayan, Kailash Parbat. Now a days, due to globalisation, it has been spread across western countries for example UK & USA. Yesterday, I was representing from a Nepali Community from Nepalese community in the local council of […]

Business Show 2016 Olympia London

The Director of Everest Business Accelerator Ltd, MR Man Gurung, has attended the Business Growth Show 2016 at Kesignton Olympia, London. According to his experiences, it was great, energized, and empowered in the short period of time in two days. He meet few very successful serial entrepreneur for example, BBC Dragon Den Touker Souleman, Public […]

New Office

With aspiration and more confident in New office, contact us if you have any queries. Business and Personal development and solutions. We have wide ranges of specialist services with quite extra-ordinary enthusiastic team. Mobile : 07703353468 49 Victoria Road, Aldershot, GU11 1SJ.

Six Myths of Entrepreneurship by Bill Aullet, MIT Professor of Entrepreneurship

According to him, the six myths are as follows. Entreprenerus are: 1. Smartest and High Achieving people 2. Inidividuals 3. Born not made 4. Charismatic leader 5.Disciplined Similarly, he said, entrepreneur is the team sport and having more than one people more likely succeed. There is not correlation between parents and gene about the successful […]

Business Operation Information

Business Operation Information

Business is either trading goods or providing services to the customer with exchange of money. To be successful in business one or two among ten business man or women which means there is likely ten percent success rate. But, it may less to the ethnic minority who are recently migrated.Successful entrepreneur sees problems. Businessman sees […]

19 years old Genius boy

19 years old Yasser Khatter, Kent, UK made a device-remote control for lighting on and off-, mobile apps. And, all the details of lighting and information is connection in the Apps. He is the son of the Pakistani Born doctor, lived in Saudi. He borrowed money from his father £140 to buy glass and earphone […]

Event:Guildford means Business

Date: June 3, 2015, 9.30 am to 4.30 pm Largest business exhibition in Surrey which was established 10 years ago.upto 100 exhibitors are expected and 800 to 900 attendees. Business networking session as well. For details please visit www.guildfordmeansbusiness.com Thank you. EBA

UK’s job growth is in low-skill Jobs

The news published in financial times shows that job market is filled by low skill job and making bottom heavy. What will be the impact of the economy as the numbers of graduate pool is increasing? The research carried out by Hourglass showed that for every 10 middle-skilled posts lost, 5.5 replacement posts were low […]