Having degree and professional membership, I have supported many people on writing CV , Application form filling up & interview technique.


To out stand from the crowding market, your CV must be well presented and included. Generally, 30 second time spends per cv by recruiter.

CV is an important to go through next step. But, you also need to know that CV does not get a Job . It takes to Interview stage.

Covering Letter

Along with CV, covering letter is also very important. It is your chance to show your strength or cover your weakness with genuine reason.

Interview Technique

First impression is important to build perception of the interviewer.From greeting to dress code and questioning is different in cultures. If you have basic concept, it will boost your confident.

Job Search

We also assist in job search in managerial level to front line. Due to technological advances, many people struggle to find right fit job. So that they are compelled to compromise to take offers which sometime they are not really want. Why not open options in job market.

 Job Change

We assist you to training, educate, counsel and assist in applying to new job. It is the very challenging life changing process.

Note: Most of the companies are using to hire new talent.

Here is linked in webinar part 2 to get more information how to land for interesting job through linked in.